Made in an open, honest, and direct manner



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Thank you for considering us!
We look forward to working with you one to one to plan your event.
Please give us a call 314.600.2412 to discuss your event and we are happy to give you an estimate.

We cater everything from weddings, to a quick lunch for your office. But no two events from Frankly ever look the same.

We aren’t going to give you pre-set menus because we want to work with you to understand your vision, your favorites. Meals that changed you life. Ingredients that excite you. Not your standard steak and potatoes, unless that’s what you love!

We’re also going to be honest. Our philosophy is in our name ‘Frankly’ which means in an open, honest and direct manner. We will always be this way with you. If you want us to source chanterelles, we’ll find the best and we’ll tell you exactly what it will cost. If you want family style short ribs and pasta, you’ll be thrilled with prices that reflect your laid back style.

But most importantly, we always let the food speak for itself. So if you are ready to dream up something fantastic for the big day, let’s get around a table and taste it together.

We look forward to creating with you.

Ben McArthur & Chloe Yates